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Posted on: February 15th, 2015 by Cleaning Services Ottawa

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Searching for local maid services Ottawa ON property owners trust and rely on to run their homes or businesses?

Trust the local maid services Ottawa citizens recommend to their friends, family and business network. In this post we will be discussing the difference between the traditional definition of maid compared to the current maid persona and definition.

The traditional maid service covered things that are now more understood as housekeeping services. Maids we to complete cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing, cleaning the home, groceries etc. These are tasks that have now evolved into a more nurturing role of the family Nanny or housekeeper. Nowadays the maid service is more of a specific service like apartment cleaning or janitorial service. Not only are maids providing specific services, but they are completing it for a specific demographic of homeowners, individuals, businesses, associations and event clubs.

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It is now common to see both male and female genders in the maid labor roll as was very much unheard of in previous generations. Originally the maid role was designed to harmonize the transition to women coming into the workforce officially. Of course they were completing the same tasks previously, but now they would receive at least minimum wage while retaining the right to vote. The hierarchy developed over several million years is something that we can not dismantle in a blink of an eye or by simply providing women the right to vote and be maids. We have made substantial gains for example maid services owned by a woman and the maids being men are absolutely operational today. However, with this understanding of society we begin forgetting that this social hierarchy exists and continues to exist.

maid services ottawa ON

maid services ottawa ON

Ottawa maid services are one of the only types of household service that middle class can afford with the rising cost of living impacting the household bottom line. Some of our clients inquire about part time maid services so they can sort of test the waters a bit to see what kind of life impact having this operating in their life can have on them as people, a family or a nucleus of workers. By coming in on part time maid services it also gives you a chance to adjust your monthly budget accordingly. And if later down the line you want to improve the sanitation of your home or commercial property more from part time maid services Ottawa patrons can afford, we always get excited about increasing our responsibility for the protection, enhancement and enrichment of our client’s lives.

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