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Getting adequate janitorial services Ottawa clients rely on can be a daunting task in itself. We’re going to talk today about the problem with poor janitorial services and what causes these problems. Of course this will be followed by our solution to this common issue in washrooms.

janitorial services Ottawa ON

janitorial services Ottawa ON

The cleanliness or lack of order will be a direct reflection of that business or enterprise. If the facilities are not kept at a certain level of sanitation wouldn’t this weigh negatively on your clients? Take for example an agency, government, private or otherwise that leases office space to business owners and has them bringing their clients into a substandard level of sanitation in particular the washrooms.

So to take a step back, now we’re talking about the agency leasing the property paying for janitorial services that don’t meet their needs because it creates a product that’s delivered to clients that they feel is substandard.

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A huge downfall which a lot of janitorial services do poorly is what we like to call the big tough problem. Urine stains. Studies have shown that A-class office buildings have problems with urine odors, tile, grout, toilets and urinal stains. The problem is companies think they can just throw a urinal mint in the restroom and “everything will be ok”. Ottawa Commercial Cleaning Consultants works only with the most reputable companies in Ottawa that have been pre-screened. Our commercial cleaning contractors have tested various different methods and there is only really one that works for restrooms that have been stained up to a certain point.

Our janitorial services contractors use a method that keeps things in order for when you have big clients or partners coming over to your commercial or office location. For clients that don’t mind a hydrogen peroxide solution to resolve the issue we can get straight to work on your project. Some companies only allow eco friendly products to be used at their commercial restroom but according to our research hydrogen peroxide is really the way to go. If you don’t have a problem with stains currently than we can move ahead with a more eco-friendly approach but if your janitorial services are like many of them out there it may already be too late. We can save your restrooms if you give us a chance to clean it properly the first time we arrive and to keep it that way for all future maintenance cleanings.

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