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Finding the cleaning companies Ottawa businesses recognize as the best choice can sometimes be a challenging task. Our company’s purpose is to be devoted to the enrichment, enhancement and delivery of benefit to every one of our loyal clients we serve and are in the business to protect. Having a positive impact on everyone is impossible because you won’t make everyone happy. But we’ve found that by instilling this purpose into every employee and every action that we do, there has been a noticeable improvement in the happiness of our clients, the happiness of our staff and their staff. And of course what happens when you deal with a reputable company and they’ve been devoted to you, well you praise them of course and tell your friends and they tell their friends and so forth.

cleaning companies Ottawa ON

cleaning companies Ottawa ON

Ottawa Commercial Cleaning Consultants recommends out cleaning contractors because I’ve referred my clients to them in the past and they have not received any complaints thus far. So you might be thinking, this is way to good to be true but I’m afraid it is true. If we receive complaints about any of the contractors that we refer, we give them a warning and if they don’t improve their service and be devoted to our clients in the way that we are, we remove them from the preferred cleaning contractors list, end of story, automatic.

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The most meaningful ways our clients have taught us about how they screen the companies is whether or not they show up on time for the quote and is the eventual quote what you spoke about over the phone and if they show up on time to complete the work consistently. A business that can’t get organized enough to get over to your location in a timely fashion and then to deliver you a formal quotation within the next 48 hours is really a caution sign in the process.

If they’re unable to stick to their word with what time they will be meeting you and what they will be charging for this service, it is probably safe to say that they will slip into bad habits during your relationship with their company. This is not always the case though some businesses are absolutely terrible at managing their own affairs while they provide excellent and very friendly service with flexible payment opportunities. At the end of the day you’re the one that will be making the final decision about what you want to do but we would recommend choosing an organized company over a messy corporation. To get cleaning companies Ottawa consultation today call (613) 699-6966.

Cleaning companies Ottawa ON


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  • School cleaning
  • Medical facility cleaning

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