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Commercial cleaning Ottawa

Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by Cleaning Services Ottawa

Commercial Cleaning Ottawa ON | 613 515-5555

Get matched to commercial cleaning Ottawa ON companies

The Ottawa Commercial Cleaning Consultants help reputable organizations in the city get matched with qualified cleaning companies using traditional mobile phone and text systems. We’ve had cleaning calls from a variety of different sources. In this post we would like to discuss some of the commercial stories with you.

Shops like Second Cup, Gracie’s East and more from inside the Rideau Centre. We’ve also received inquiries from companies that handle the cleaning contracts for Banana Republic, GAP and Old Navy locations in Bayshore shopping centre.

Commerical Cleaning Ottawa

Commercial Cleaning Ottawa

Clients that own restaurants use our service for various different commercial carpet cleaning, floor strip and wax jobs along with a variety of other full janitorial and kitchen cleaning requests. Trust us when we say that some of the commercial jobs we get called to from this site really need cleaning immediately and would not be the most pleasant to share with you in great detail.

Commercial Cleaning Ottawa ON Services | 613 515-5555

Our commercial cleaning experts have been called to jobs when offices are being renovated, actively being used or during a move. Renovation cleaning is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated part of a successful job. The contractors we work with love when they receive inquiries from people that are in need of ongoing office cleaning services. This gives our office cleaning professionals the opportunity to show how consistent and reliable they can be over the long haul.

Cleaning Services has generated inquiries from high rises, schools, warehouses, Government facilities, medical facilities and local showrooms. The high rise buildings that inquire with us have been mostly for the window cleaning service. But the odd company still wants to take a look at hiring some of our people for other interior cleaning maintenance needs.

We have not received a lot of school inquiries but it is certainly an area where we would like to see greater improvement in the coming years.

Warehouses are tough it takes a lot of time to complete the work at the level that we and the client are both satisfied. The reason being is that we’ve run into a lot of commercial facilities that have required commercial cleaning for an extended amount of time prior to us arriving on the scene.

This public commercial cleaning contractor portal has generated hundreds of connections between people that need each other in the community. We’ve found that Embassy’s do inquire with us more and more frequently and more occasionally we will receive notifications from a Government facility. What has been fairly consistent for our company is our traction in the medical facilities cleaning industry. Commercial cleaning Ottawa businesses require can not be taken lightly in any circumstance but it seems that these clients really know what they’re looking for in a cleaning company and they set expectations early.

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Posted on: October 24th, 2014 by Cleaning Services Ottawa

How to Find the Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Ottawa!

Have you ever tried to get work done in a messy office? You’re constantly distracted by all of the mess on your desk. You spend way too much time looking for a pencil in the mountains of junk all over the office. It can be pretty hard to be productive when you can’t concentrate on anything other than the mess. If you don’t have a commercial cleaning company Commercial-Cleaning-Ottawa-ONhelping keep your office neat and tidy, you and your employees may be facing this problem. This can lead to loss of productivity and in turn you’re losing money.

Now you’ve realized you need a cleaning company to come and help you with your messy office, but how do you find the best commercial cleaning services in Ottawa? Well, here are a few things you should look for when choosing the right cleaning company for you.

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You should make sure the cleaning company is relatively experienced and already has a few cleaning jobs under their belt. This way you know they can actually perform the commercial cleaning job you need. It’s also important when hiring any company that you make sure they are fully insured, bonded and certified for the work they do. While competitive market rates may seem like the most appealing reason o go with a certain commercial cleaning company, choosing one that fits your needs and is experienced cleaning offices like yours will be the better choice in the long run.

Janitorial Services-Ottawa-ONOttawa Commercial Cleaning Consultants have over 25 years experience serving Ottawa and the surrounding area. All of our expert commercial cleaning professionals are fully certified, insured and bonded and provide the highest quality service you can find in all of Ottawa. We also offer 24/7 emergency cleaning services and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Every cleaning job is different; if you would like a free estimate on the price of yours, feel free to call us at (613) 699-6966.

Imagine going into work are seeing a spotless office, and not having to stress about taking time out of your day to clean it. Commercial cleaning services may seem like something you don’t need, but in the long run commercial cleaning services can save you time and money. You won’t have to spend twenty minutes looking for a pencil in your disorganized office ever again. We offer commercial cleaning, janitorial services, industrial cleaning and general cleaning services. Call (613) 699-6966 today.

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Read This Before Hiring Contractors for House Cleaning Ottawa

Posted on: November 24th, 2013 by Cleaning Services Ottawa

The dishes are piling up, the dust is collecting, the dog is shedding his old coat, and the in-laws are coming over for dinner. You won’t get out of work until 5pm, and the kids still need to be picked up from the babysitter’s place. If this sounds even remotely familiar, then you may have an acute case of: “I need a professional cleaner now!”

Some studies have shown that the amount of house cleaning chores that married women have been doing have been cut almost in half since the middle of the 20th century. Unfortunately for homeowners everywhere, the standards for what a clean home look like have not changed. Hiring house cleaning in Ottawa or anywhere else can be a dice roll. Some companies can be great, however, many house cleaning companies can be nightmares. Keep in mind that your cleaning company should focus on thoroughness and hygiene above all else. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are some of the most important tips to remember when homeowners hire house cleaning Ottawa services.

Come home to a clean home, and have more time for everything else, with House Cleaning Ottawa!

Make a Plan

You may not always stick to your plan, but it will give you invaluable time for planning. Giving a plan to the cleaning company is the best way to prioritize the most important rooms in your house. Remember, the kitchen and bathroom are germ magnets, and will often be the biggest jobs. Then for appearances the “runway” which is the main highway of traffic in your house, usually connecting the stairs with the kitchen, front door, and living room/dining room.

Avoid searching “house cleaning ottawa kijiji” or other related sites

One of the easiest places to run a scam on the internet is from a classified listings site like kijiji and craigslist. Be extremely careful about ads here as they are untraceable, and have zero accountability.

Make sure the costs are consistent

Most Ottawa cleaning companies will want to be billed per hour. This is an industry standard and is likely to vary only a little bit between companies. If you find a company who offer a “premium cleaning service” or a “discount cleaning service”… run. This means they do not have consistent standards will play fast and loose with your family’s hygiene just to fit more customers in a day.

Looking for Professional cleaning services in Ottawa? We make sure you get the right people!

Reviews can be tricky

Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. When reading reviews, look for consistencies. Were more people happy than unhappy? Is there a consistent problem that people keep bringing up? Are there a few bad reviews with issues that just don’t seem relevant to anyone else? When people feel wronged by a business they will go to the ends of the earth to express their anger and disappointment. Don’t let their bad attitudes deter you from potentially great home cleaning companies Ottawa.

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House Cleaning Ottawa is a Local Trades Search Canada Approved division of House Cleaning Ottawa.

Commercial Cleaning Ottawa

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by Cleaning Services Ottawa

Trust the experts at Commercial Cleaning Ottawa for your Building Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning Ottawa

Commercial Cleaning Services

At Commercial Cleaning Ottawa, we offer qualified business owners the opportunity to achieve the level of cleanliness and sanitation that they’ve always wanted, without slapping a tone of hidden costs that become company expenses at the end of the month. Our trained sanitation officers have been cleaning commercial buildings in Ottawa for over two decades! We have since built a powerful reputation and referral system that drives most of our business to date.

However, we felt that limiting ourselves to just meeting the sanitation demands of the business owners we know it not adequate enough for what we would like to accomplish as an organization. What we aim to do is improve the cleanliness and sanitation of all of Ottawa’s commercial buildings as it pertains to schools, hotels, motels, apartments, condo buildings, as well as City and government properties throughout the region. If you make the right choice and choose Commercial Cleaning Ottawa as your new cleaning services you will be sure glad you did as you will now stand to receive the most quality level of sanitation at competitive market values.

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Commercial Cleaning Ottawa

 Commercial Cleaning Ottawa comes with customer satisfaction guaranteed!

 Ottawa Commerical Cleaning

Commerical Cleaning Ottawa

Our trained experts at Commercial Cleaning Ottawa are packed and ready to serve your sanitation and cleaning needs today, no questions asked just quality performance and business ethics at competitive pricing. Commercial Cleaning Ottawa is not your typical commercial cleaning business as we are determined to fulfill any sanitation standards that our valued business owners are faced with in their particular field of work. We will meet any Health and Safety related cleaning stipulations as required in Canadian law within the clients particular field of expertise. It doesn’t matter how trivial or traumatic the stipulations may be because we will surely meet your required level of sanitation whether it be in a Hospital, swimming pools or large industrial factories. From our “commercial cleaning jobs inheritance” experience, we know that our competitors are not doing anywhere near the level of sanitation that is known as mandatory protocol within the rules and regulations governing all of our experts at Commercial Cleaning Ottawa. So whether you’re looking for cleaning services, cleaning companies, commercial cleaning, office cleaning or janitorial cleaning in Ottawa than do not hesitate to give us a call for your free estimate! Our trusted workforce at Commercial Cleaning Ottawa is ready to take care of your commercial cleaning headaches once and for all!

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Looking for the most experienced commercial cleaning Ottawa has seen in years? Are your current commercial cleaning Ottawa connections not meeting your expectations? At Commercial Cleaning Ottawa we’re different because we put your company first!

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To learn more about how our experts at Commercial Cleaning Ottawa can help you with your discouraging commercial cleaning problems, feel free to give us a call in Ottawa today.

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